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The effectiveness of oils on stretch marks MaisonPayen 1730

The effectiveness of oils on stretch marks

Stretch marks ... what a nasty word. If there is one and only unsightly phenomena that we would all like to avoid, stretch marks are definitely at the top of the list! Disgusting and unpleasant, whether purplish or white, they do indeed cause a feeling of discomfort and embarrassment, both physical and sometimes even psychological.

To use when summer approaches, here are some tips on the effectiveness of oils to fight these small scars, for all those who wish to spend a summer free and uninhibited


Stretch marks are comparable to internal "wounds" in the dermis, which did not resist tension or stretching of the skin.

Indeed, three successive layers constitute the skin: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. Stretch marks emerge at this second layer, when the fibers that compose it break.

These welts usually appear on the thighs and hips, but also on the belly, chest or buttocks. The most frequent cases of their manifestation are often related to a pregnancy or a hormonal change during puberty, for example during a growth spurt of a teenager, whose body grows too suddenly. They can also arise during weight gain, rapid thinning or a drastic diet.

It should be noted that they are very frequent: 80% of women and 40% of men are victims. Rest assured, you are not the only one having to face them!

The effectiveness of oils against stretch marks

It is important to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, because once installed, they are unfortunately stubborn, impossible to eradicate : there is no miracle recipe to remove them.

Nevertheless, you can still use some oils that accelerate their healing process, slow their development and help your skin to be more resistant.

Oils, especially plant oils, which are obviously preferable to those made of paraffin, are more effective for this purpose than milks or creams since they contain less water and penetrate more easily the epidermis. They strengthen the flexibility and elasticity of the tissues, and soothe the feelings of tightness.

If it is already too late and stretch marks have already pointed the tip of their nose, do not panic!

First red, a little like scars, it is at that very moment, that we must act accordingly and take charge of their correction to minimize their inflammation, caused by a tear of elastic fibers. Again, prefer the use of a vegetable oil to counter these stretch marks called "immature": enriched with moisturizing agents more powerful than a cream, a vegetable oil has nourishing, regenerating and healing powers that can reduce the depth and aspect of the stretch mark.

If they are already purple, use a richer composition and apply it more frequently, morning and evening. If they are white ... we are sorry to tell you that they have reached the stage of their maturity and that there is not much to be done ☹ Except lazer treatment and plastic surgery, which are very engaging and expensive treatments, that your doctor will not allow systematically, and with no guaranteed result.

However, it is highly recommended to maintain the daily use of a vegetable oil whose beneficial gestures will soften your skin and make it more pleasant to touch.

Maison Payen Benevolent Oil: A Triple Threat for Stretch Marks:

Our Huile Bienveillante, which is a natural dry oil, is ideal for fighting stretch marks and stands out as a 3 in 1 essential in this endless war, thanks to its flagship active component: White Olive Oil.


White Olive Oil is an exceptional virgin oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A,C, D and E (THE vitamins needed by the skin) which nourish, protect and soften your skin. Its powerful virtues thus prevent the appearance of stretch marks, and also mitigate them when they are already there, and restore flexibility and consistency to your damaged skin.

Stretch marks, stay away!

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