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Vieux port de Marseille et bateaux


Marseille harbour, 1730. Effervescence is everywhere. The air rustles to the rythm of snapping ropes, of sails that are being lowered, of screaming sailors unloading their heavy bundles of wonders from all around the globe.  

Shifting and radiant city, incredible balance between land and sea, Marseille welcomes daily incoming ships from all over the world.  Colors, flavors and scents flood the streets with creativity. 

Open door on the horizon, at the crossroads of cultures, Marseille, strong and proud of its soil, feeds on these influences, inspiring new ideas and new desires.  


From the balcony of his oil trade business, Jean-Baptiste Court witness the relentless stream of incoming ships.In this very setting where the five senses blossom,  the genius of the inventor, the imagination of the assembler, and the know-how of the refiner come together.

He develops his White Olive Oil: finer, softer, fragrance-free, to transcend its exceptional active substances. Maison Payen 1730's first Rare Oil was born.  

To protect this know-how, Jean-Baptiste Court partners with his nephew Jean-Baptiste Payen in 1770. His nephew passes it on to his heirs, thus giving birth to an incredible dynasty : the Court Payen family. 

Affiche dynastie Maison Payen
Pictogrammes historiques Maison Payen 1730


From the 18th to the 20th century, Maison Payen 1730 becomes the largest factory specialized in Soaps and Rare Oils destined to natural skin care products.

This fame ends up arousing King Charles 10th's interest. He is seduced by Maison Payen's bright white soap and honors the factory by giving it the title of Royal Soap Factory. He also honors its owner by giving him the title of King's craftsman. 

During that same period, the luxury Silk industry in Lyon discovers the purifying properties of Maison Payen's White Olive Oil Soap, ideal to take care of delicate silk fabrics imported from India and China. This contributes once and for all to Maison Payen's softness and excellence image.  

Wolrdwide, perfumers and apothicarie crave Maison Payen's Rare Oils, pledge of excellence for skincare. 


Today, Maison Payen 1730 couples the know-how passed on by generations, with the most recent innovations, to imagine a skin care contemporary range made from Rare Vegetal  Oils, enriched with molecules extracted from their unsaponifiable part.

Maison Payen 1730 travels the world to find exceptional ingredients and use their unic benefits at the core of our skin care products, which delicate texture and refined fragrances are in perfect affinity with your skin.  

White Olive Oil from the Mediterranean Basin, Nigella Oil from Egypt, Baobab Oil from South Africa, Camelia Oil from Cyprus... Maison Payen's Rare Oils come from all aroung the globe. 

Maison Payen's Rare Oils are often used worldwide in the most ancient rituals, and invite you to a journey toward refinement and sensoriality. They are meticulously blended for the lightness of their essence and the exceptional richness of naturally active molecules extracted to offer specific solutions to your skin cells. 

Huile d'olive coulant d'un bec verseur
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