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Olivier au milieu d'un champ d'oliviers


Maison Payen 1730 commits to a more sustainable vision of beauty. Conscious that beauty also stems from the preservation of nature, which offers us only the best. 

Maison Payen uses high quality formulas for its exclusively made in france skincare products, which contain 95 to 100% ingrédients of natural origin. 

Each skincare formula is not tested on animals, certified without palm oil and mineral oil, without paraben, silicon, artificial coloring, nanoelements, synthetic hydrocarbons or animal materials. Our laboratories guarantee optimal stability and microbiological protection of our formulas. 

Favoring sobriety, packagins are designed to avoid over-packaging and are fully recyclable. 


Maison Payen 1730 owes it unic identity, its power of conviction and its demand of quality to the oil creator and assembler's curiosity: Jean-Baptiste Court, but also to the tenacity of his heirs : the Payen family, the Court-Payen family.

This family spirit and this ambition of excellence have grown from generation to generation, until becoming one of Maison Payen 1730's essential values : the transmission of its know-how, and its taste and passion for innovation.

Transmission de génération en génération
Goût de l'inattendu


Today, Maison Payen 1730 stays faithful to its origins and perpetuates its travel traditions and its taste for the rarest ingredients, to nourish its creativity and know-how. 

Maison Payen 1730 draws on the finest ingredients and on the most ancient cultural rituals from all over the world to imagine new purposes for precious and delicate skincare products inspired by many traditions, and offering  a journey to your senses.  


Audacity is at the core od Maison Payen's identity, and choices as bold as visionary punctuate its history. 

Such as the choice of Olive Oil over Palm Oil, the elaboration of a White Soap bust representing the Count of Artois, future King Charles 10th, during his factory visit, or the rebirth of the brand in 2015, battered by globalized industry in the 1970s, or even the bias to work with rare raw materials of very high quality : a daily ever-lasting challenge.

This personnality also finds its roots in its Mediterranean origins, claiming with panache its identity from Marseille : lively, proud and bubbling.  

Audace & Innovation - Energie visionnaire
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